Material Hoists

Everyone knows that working at height comes with its own safety challenges. Not only do you have to keep yourself safe and secure while working high up but you also have to safely transport all your equipment and materials to the right height too.

This is easier said than done especially if you need to manoeuvre large machinery and materials high above ground level. Working at height with such large heavy machinery can prove to be a pretty dangerous combination.

Shifting your kit can be a perilous task but there are plenty of ways in which you can minimise the risk. Using a material hoist can take the headache out of any heavy lifting job. At we can give you access to a range of lifting equipment to help you get on with your work quickly and easily. Hire a material hoist and you will find everything you need to get the job done and can be delivered to you on site next day guaranteed. We can even hire you specialist equipment if you have a specific task in mind.

Not sure what you need? At our experts are just a phone call away and they can help you work out the best equipment for each stage of the contract no matter how difficult it may first appear.

Material Hoists

Whether you need a light or medium range hoist for manoeuvring, machinery, pallets or even scaffolding we can supply the right equipment for any lifting job – we can even offer a material hoist that operates inside as well as out.

Our hoists are specially designed and engineered to safely shift thousands of kilos of weight with no problem so you will have all you machinery and materials available just when you need them regardless of whether you are working at height.

All of our hoists are checked after every use to make sure they arrive with you in perfect condition and all the equipment meets health and safety standards and regulations.

Material Hoists

If you have got a heavy load that needs to be transported high above ground level then let take the strain and hire the right equipment today so you can get to work immediately with no fuss.

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